Ernest et Célestine font la joie des critiques américains

 Ernest et Célestine est sorti le 14 mars dans les salles américaines et tous les grands journaux lui ont tressés des couronnes de lauriers. Revue de presse en V.O.


Wall street journal’s review

“This year’s Oscar for best animated feature was bestowed, of course, on Frozen, a Disney production that deserved it. Ernest & Celestine, from France and Belgium, won only a nomination, but this tale of forbidden friendship between a bear and a mouse is so winning that audiences will cherish it as the classic it’s sure to become. (…)The movie advances the art of animation without seeming to try.”
Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal, March 13.



Poignant in Tooth and Claw – New York times

« There isn’t much of a moral to this story, but it does put a premium on individuality and pluck. Mostly, « Ernest & Celestine » is an ode to the happiness that comes from being with those different from us. »
Manohla Dargis, New York Times, March 13.


« Ernest & Celestine », a magical bonbon with painterly touch – Los Angeles Times

« A magically understated mash-up, Ernest & Celestine has a comforting storybook effect and proves a refreshing departure in an age of high-tech, hyperkinetic animation set to soaring pop ballads, as entertaining as they can be. (…) From its inventive visuals to its unruly heroes, Ernest & Celestine is an equal pleasure for children and adults. A modern-day period piece, a fabulous fable, a most fortunate use of animation artistry, I can’t help but believe that Vincent, who refused to allow her books to be translated to TV or film during her lifetime, would be well pleased. »
Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times, February 28th.


Ernest & Celestine a delicate delight – Associated Press

Not just a positively charming movie, but an ode to the tactile pleasures of handcrafted artistry.
Jake Coyle, Associated Press.


‘Ernest & Celestine’ weaves the tale of a beautiful friendship – The New York Post

« There’s a truly original beauty in « Ernest & Celestine, » from its delicate, pastel-hued animation to the look and sound of its inhabitants … »
Sara Stewart, New York Post.




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